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Lifeson Axcess Models Price Spike!!!


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So, what's the deal? Now that the R40 edition of the Lifeson model is out, with its INSANE price increase over the original AL LP models, the originals are being offered for roughly $1,300 more basically overnight ($5,499 instead of the $4,200 price that was offered when I bought mine (and I didn't pay THAT)).


The ONLY thing I figure that may have changed is that maybe, just maybe, the so-called "limited edition" run is coming to an end. But that is hard to believe as Musician's Friend now has some with serial #s as high as AL1217, and there is no promise that the end is in sight. And now they are doing the R40 "limited run" of 200 or so, which are basically the same guitar with a quilt instead of flame and different toggle switch plate. "Limited run" means as long as they're selling and, well, according to Neil Peart, even love must be limited by time. Guitar companies should not be able to use the term "limited edition" unless they commit to a specific number from the start. It's a fraud, really (not picking just on Gibson, they all do it).


Don't even get me started on the R40 run pricing (oops, I guess I'm started on that). A signed guitar in the original run would set someone back $6k or so, and now they are asking over $10k for the same thing, essentially? Notice I'm not even talking about the LIST on those at over $15k (oh, well I guess I talked about it).


I suppose this all works to my benefit as an owner of an original AL LP in the 100s. If they command those prices and still sell, my guitar just became more valuable overnight. But it seems crazy, and it doesn't matter because they will pry mine from my cold dead fingers. It does kill forever the prospect that I will ever buy a second one -- an idea I have toyed with for years (but toy no more).


And who do I really feel sorry for? The cats who paid $2k more for the AL signature on the "first 50" ALs. Now he's signing a bunch more, which diminishes the exclusivity of this. What if he ends up signing 200 more R45s or R50s down the road?!?!


Alright, I'm done with my rant! I'll leave with -- I don't want fewer ALs...I want more. Why limit the best LP ever made? But stop lying to people, and charge some semblance of a fair price so more people can own these great guitars.

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In certain cases, maybe this one, Gibson can mean "limited edition" as meaning only available from select dealers and not meaning the number of guitars. Maybe? But its like the local furniture store that runs a "Going out of business" sale every 2 years. This stuff must be run by politicians.


I want an AL R40, but don't want to sell my house to get one.

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