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Les paul 2015 - Min-Etune - SAV


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I feel sorry for the poor drafting of the post I used google translation


I am the happy owner of a les paul 2015, except Min-anda that is not accurate, so I would like to know:


- Where to find the complete guide Min-anda in French? because on gibson.com ago only the quick start in which there is no indication of the advanced settings (to increase the tuning accuracy).


- With Min-anda t is it a solution to refine the tuning manually?


- Is Gibson supports the replacement of Min-anda by manual mechanical-type IMD-040?


- Is it normal that when I enter the serial number on gibson.com it can not find my guitar? But I bought in a store gibson I have all the authentication paper.


Waiting to hear from you








Je suis l'heureux possesseur d'une les paul 2015, hormis Min-Etune qui n'est pas précis, alors je voudrais savoir:


- Ou trouver le guide complet de Min-Etune en français? car sur gibson.com il y a uniquement le démarrage rapide dans lequel il n'y a aucune indication sur les paramétrages avancé (afin d'augmenter la précision d'accordage).


- Avec Min-Etune y a t' il une solution pour affiner l'accordage manuellement?


- Est ce que gibson prend en charge le remplacement de Min-Etune par des mécaniques manuel type PMMH-040?


- Est ce normale que lorsque que je rentre le numéro de série sur gibson.com il ne trouve pas ma guitare? je l'ai pourtant acheté dans un magasin gibson j'ai tout les papier d'authentification.


En attente de vous lire


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Congratulations on your new guitar!! I also had the same problem with the instructions. If you go to youtube, you will find a lot of help, even how to re-calibrate.


Unfortunately, I took the Gforce tuners off. My guitar would just not stay in tune, and the Gforce always tuned me a little sharp. I really tried to like it, but in the end, I replaced it with Grovers.


The bad news is I found out after I changed the tuners is that removjng the Gforce voided my warranty. I'm not 100% sure if that is true, but keep that in mind.


The good side is my guitar plays perfectly now and I am extremely happy with it!

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