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Epi EB-0 Bass Mahogany


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Hi Folks


I have a thing for short scale bass, and recently bought a used Epi EB-0 bass in Cherry, only to find that the body is multi laminate plywood and a (maple?) neck, which is OK but doesn't float my boat….Chinese 2005 vintage, according to the serial number, , however all is not lost as I can recycle the neck and hardware onto something else, It was stupid cheap as well.


Anyroadup, my question….. Epiphone are currently advertising the EB-0 on the UK side of the pond, as having a Mahogany body and neck, can anyone tell me if the Mahogany body is a slab of mahogany or Mahogany plywood please?


I realise if solid it is likely to be a few pieces joined…






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Hello Paul,


typically the EB-0 body is made like most Epiphone solidbodies. They consist of circa five planks glued together and a top and back veneer. However, my Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus is built the same way and a very nice guitar in every respect.


Anyway, I've read here some moons ago about a Gibson SG "matchstick" body made of seven pieces. Three are typical. The owner reported no sonic problems though.


Hope this helps.

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