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Thought I'd run this through the Epiphone Acoustic Forum since you all would know the most about it. I'm in the process of acquiring a Epi Jumbo guitar, probably the EJ200. I've run into some fairly good deals on them but most don't include a case or Gig Bag. When looking through various site for cases and bags, I've pretty much ruled out a case simply for expense sake. Just can't afford them. That leaves me with about a $50 or less window to get as efficient a Gig Bag as possible. I've found various bags that fall into that criteria, a good number of them running $25-$35, but the problem is .. will a EJ200 Jumbo fit in them. And that's where you come in. You now know the guitar I'm getting, and the price range of the Gig Bag I need. Can you point me in the right direction that will lead me to the right Gig Bag. Thanks in advance guys.

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