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help on headstock guitar


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hi guys i have a slight little problem .i posted a few wks back that id changed my trust rod cover on my john lennon ej160e .and when i did so i had to make a extra hole as the new trust rod cover was a longer one. i later on desided to swich back to the old trust rod cover but the new screw hole i had made was showing. i took the advice from a member on here and i filled the hole with some wood. i then used some black nail polish i let that dry and used some super glue.just a small drop i let that dry then i used 1200 grit sand paper ive tried to smooth out the bump were ive done the job .but ive now got a cloud were ive been trying to sand away. ive tried to hide it with more black nail .polish its ok but you can see what ive done. is there a black guitar wood dye i could use.? the guitar is not ruined but if i could fix this better i will. or should i try using 2500 grit wet n dry to smooth out the rough bits?? can you help guys thank you Richie

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It might be time to take the guitar to a professional, although anything involving finish work (particularly with a poly finish) is going to be pricey.


However, there is this:



Some people also use Fiebing's leather dye on guitars:



In fact, I used some Fiebing's to "ebonize" the bridge on my IB'64 Texan. Worked really well.


Whatever you do, you'll probably have to buff it out to get a sheen that matches the rest of the headstock.


This might be helpful: http://frets.com/FretsPages/Luthier/Technique/Finish/RazorScrape/razorscrape1.html


And this: http://frets.com/FretsPages/Luthier/Technique/Finish/DryStaining/drystain.html

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