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Epiphone EB 0 discontinued?


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Hi Everybody, I am new to the forum and hope I am posting this thread correctly!

I have a wonderful Heritage cherry red Gibson SG bass which I just love because I find it very easy and fast to play, and the sound is terrific. I play in a rock band, late 60's and early 70's stuff, and this litte bass has been much more appreciated than my previous Jazz bass by my bandmates as well. Reaaly deep sounding and punchy.

Since I really appreciate the big mudbucker sound alone, I was considering buying another bass, which is quite similar, that's the Epiphone EB-0. I would use it for gigging and to bring travelling around, keeping the Gibson SG safe for the "great occasions".

I looked for the EB-0 in music instruments shops in MIlano (Italy), but apparently it seems Epiphone has discontinued the EB-0, or at least it is no longer available in Italy. Maybe Epiphone are only producing it for the USA market, I don't know. I have seen some used EB-0, but would like to get one new, I particularly like the all black (ebony) one. Can anybody let me know if there's a way to purchase one new on line, maybe directly from USA?

If it would not be possible, I would like to make an international petition to push Gibson to reissue the EB-0, both in ebony end in Heritage cherry, a lot of bass players will apreciate its simple look and approach, just one straight-to-the-neck humbucker, no active electronics, no batteries to worry about, just one volume and one tone control, just plug and play. I wish to add one more thing: some metal bassists look for five string basses to have a deeper sound, but some will realize that the so (in)famous mudbucker will provide the needed depth and fullness, especially if the bass is strung with the proper strings (I use Daddario flats and play only with a 1mm pick).

Sorry for this long thread, I hope this will at least stimulate Gibson to reissue the EB-0 for the italian and european market!

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I am more of guitar collector then musician (mini guitars also) not being very good with my hands, but are trying make Electronic Music on laptop with Magix Music Maker 2014 & Epiphone EB-0 Bass Guitar that you will find a post from me in this section. You will find me giving info of Gibson SG Bass Guitar going for £599 at gak.co.uk where you can also find Epiphone EB-0 Bass Guitar for £131.15 pence.


All The Best


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To my research the Epiphone EB-0 is still available. Lots of dealers have them for sale here. I guess some dealers in Italy have them in stock, too.



I have a wonderful Heritage cherry red Gibson SG bass which I just love because I find it very easy and fast to play, and the sound is terrific. ...

What Gibson SG Bass do you have exactly? Neither Gibson nor Epiphone make the "mudbuckers" anymore. Both the present Gibson and Epiphone designs are rather different now. The Gibson neck pickup, called "TB Plus" now, has a rather smooth tone while the Epiphone has an edgy resonance at about 1.8 kHz. However, it can be smoothed using the tone control.


Nonetheless, I love my Gibson SG basses. They were made in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

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Hi, yes, sorry, I just read everywhere the term mudbucker but i refer to the neck humbucker. I have the 2015 SG which I find high quality, really improved (I had the chance to play an old one used and the 2015 model is much better IMHO). Thanks also for the info, I will keep searching or I will buy it from the British web site.

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