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Blackstar Fly vs. Roland Micro Cube?


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Never posted here before. I was wondering if anyone has experience comparing the Blackstar Fly with the Roland Micro Cube. I bought the Fly at my local GC, and a used Roland Micro Cube is available on craigslist near me for about the same price. It's a hike though, so I thought I would ask here. The Micro Cube is normally more than 2x the price.

I will be using it to living room practice mostly on a 1973 Guild S-90. The Blackstar does not have a lot of bottom, but don't know if I should expect better with Roland.


Btw, the Blackstar is pretty cool for its size and price.


Thanks for any help.

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not sure this will help at all...but i have two blues cubes both mid 90's vintage 60watters 1-12 and a 3-10..ialso have a blackstar club40 ht se...my bs hasvery little bottom end but is very crisp..almost too shrill at times...the rolands are much more mellow and favorable tonality wise yet the bottom on them is rather mushy....may not be what your looking for in an answer ...but I favor the rolands more so than the bs..i suggest you call the guy/gal and setup a time o try it out...

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