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What Gauge Wire?

Steven Tari

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I need some long runs from my Equipment to my Speakers. I already have cables to 50'. But I'm looking for a pair of runs up to 150' or more. Also 4 runs 100'. The 150' runs are going to be single runs To SP-4 3 way Black Widow Cabs. But the 100' runs will be running from Equipment to 15" Scorpion Monitor then to a Peavey PR12 Neo 12' 2 Way Passive PA Cabinet on a stand. I'm looking for a proper wire gauge so I won't lose any amplified audio signal. I was thinken about a 14 or 16 gauge. Or will a 12 gauge be over kill. I'm useing SO cord with 1/4" jacks soldered at eack end. I've got feedback for AC or DC current all day. But I need a audio type answer. My heads And mixers run from 100 to 300 watts, so I should have plenty of power to push it. /LATER B)

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