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New 2014 Gibson LP Custom


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3rd time is charm. On a previous post I had purchased 2014 LP Custom and the 1st one had to have nut replaced and then the frets weren't seated nor position right. Got a second one and the body paint was all scraped up, with frets high and low, and missing paint near the neck joining the body. GC called me today and had one more that came from another store in Georgia. Low and behold I couldn't believe this guitar, it was perfect in every way, action, finish, and had the best sound I have ever heard and it played like butter. Been playing for 56 years and have had quite a few Les Pauls, ES 335s, Strats, Tele's, Ovations, Acoustics, etc, but none that sounds so sweet as this. I am very particular about my guitars as far as action, finish, and tone....I am a tone freak!!!! Not only that GC said they felt so bad over this ordeal they gave me $629 back and I had purchased it for $4000 even. It was originally $4779. We took it straight out of the box and the action was perfect and it was still in perfect tune, it was packed at the factory for shipment 7/11/2014, so that it saying something.


Here is a photo of it..... All's well that ends well.

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