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What´s wrong with my rewirered Burstbuckers ?

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Hi everyone


I´ve managed to get my bustbuckers scatterwound rewinded. The guitar is a LP Classic with split coils. However I only achieve to get normal sound in the split coil position. While in the humbucker mode the sound is very very thin, in the bridge position almost sounds like a sitar. To make it more aukward the multimeter reads the normal values for the humbucker mode as well as for the split coil mode (aprox 55% of the humbuker mode).


Any idea on what might be causing this ?





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Does the mode intended to be humbucking perhaps produce hum? This would mean that the coils of the respective pickup are wired with the polarities reverse to each other, widely known as "out of phase". In this case swapping the connections of one coil would do the trick.


If both pickups are affected, one should take care that the polarities of either pickups should match finally.

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