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L00 Legend for sale


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Yes, Guitars Etc. in Longmont. Walk on over and take a look.


Just make sure you give them the secret password and use the official handshake when you enter the store. Who knows what will happen if you don't? They might even label you as "suspicious". :-k

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Hi All,

This is my guitar and I DON'T want to sell it, but job issues (or lack there off!) has forced me to. I bought this from Guitars Etc. lat May. I returned the first one they shipped to me as it was one of the early ones with the funky swirl scratches and looked terrible. This is the replacement they sent later, and it is amazing! I have owned an original '36 L-00 and I think this one beats it hands down. Please give Todd a call and buy it to help a fellow forum member out! ha!




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