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Information Request: Les Paul Ebony 2011

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Please help, I'm trying to determine the exact model of my 2011 Ebony Les Paul.


Serial number 126216326. Or possibly 126216316, if I'm misreading it.


I believe it's some combination of "Traditional" and/or "Classic" and/or "1960s", but I'm concerned that the original seller didn't identify it properly. I'd also love to know the original retail price.


Pics: https://reverb.com/uk/item/2175830-gibson-les-paul-traditional-1960-2011-black



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Hello and welcome to the Forums.


There was a "Les Paul Traditional 1960" model available in 2011.




Those guitars had uncovered pickups. The one in the ad seems to have loose pickup covers, as it seems it was fitted later.


Please, ask the seller about the fretboard material. It should be baked maple - unique to that model year on Traditionals.



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