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serialnumber 6 5279


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The guitar dater project can only tell you if a serial number fits the Gibson format for serial numbers. It can not confirm if a guitar is really a Gibson, nor can it tell you any information that you yourself cannot decode. Also it does not cover all the various Gibson formats, or the numerous serial number glitches that Gibson has had through the years. 6 5279 could be the serial number for a 96 Classic, a 95 R6 or an 05 R6 only Gibson can tell you which of those numbers bring up guitars, and which guitar yours might be. By sert, I am going to guess you mean certificate of authenticity? A 95 R6 would not have had one, an 05 R6 would have, but they are only given to the original owner. So if you bought it used, you would be entitled to one.

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