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1972 Gibson ES-335 Left Handed


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I never remember seeing lefties listed as a catalog or "dealer price list" item, although lefties of many models came out of the factory through the years. Also, the published shipping records I have from the time make no designation or breakout of left handed units.


As rare as lefties are, and even rarer "for sale", I would not limit your search to any specific year. Another issue you're up against is the mess that is Gibson's serial numbers of that era. Verifying ANY Gibson guitar to have been unquestionably manufactured in 1972 is no small task in itself.


Between 1971 and 1974 some 12,000 335's were "shipped". Some of them had to be lefties. I think your narrowest reasonable search would be for a "70's lefty 335 with a six-digit serial number".

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