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HI To All,

This is my first visit to this site, I am a musician song writer and own a few different instruments, I stumbled across this site kind of by accident actually.

I was looking on the Baldwin Piano site to try and find out some information about an old Baldwin Electric Piano. I had the opportunity to pick it up for free

so I could give it to our grandson so he'd have a some what decent instrument to learn on. When I checked it out it played beautiful , nice sound to, we got it to his

parents home and he played it for a couple of days and then No sound. Anyway I'm just trying to figure out exactly what type of repair professional I would need to contact

to get some one in our area to check it out. I'm guessing that this piano was made possibly in the late 60s to early seventies. It only had one number anywhere on it or in side of it,

and that was 1773 and that's it. I thought this was a little odd, I know every acoustic guitar or electric has a serial number somewhere on the instrument, this piano only that number.

I'm going to attach a picture of the instrument, I also have other pertinent pictures. If anyone thinks they might have some useful information or Ideas of who I might be able to get take a look at it, Please feel free to contact me,

I'd be so grateful.

Thanks In Advance


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