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Identifying my Gibson Les Paul

Guest Arthur

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I have a gibson les paul trying to find out the year 017010 made in usa underneath thanks for any help pots m500k0a 28 k i think one i can see 2nk

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As you probably know, the Gibson 6-digit serial numbers from the 60's/early 70's are a mess.



The 0XX,XXX numbers were listed as being used in 1967 and 1973.


The "Made In USA" dates it to 1970 or later (so eliminate 1967).


You don't state the model or description, so there is no way to tell if your model was in production during that period.


The pot number you give is the "spec" number (500k ohms, audio taper) not the mfg/date code. You're looking for a seven-digit number (no letters), most likely starting with "137". The last four digits are what's important.



Find the pot date codes, post a detailed description of model/finish/hardware, add a few good pics, and we should be able to confirm some good info for you.

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