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1984 Gibson BB King standard


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I've purchased this guitar and I'm new to electrics. I'd like some recommendations for a tube amp. I have a Laney GC600 I use with my acoustic. It has an electric channel. I'd like to use a tube amp to learn on though. Funds aren't unlimited. I'd like to not spend too much since I'm new at it but I don't want to be chinchy either.

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Tube amps are generally thought to "sound better" when they are turned up a bit and starting to break up. And I would add that there is a certain point below which they do not really come to life.


I'm thinking the 100W Marshall might be okay for gigs but too much for practice by yourself at home. I have a 15W 5E3 that is more than enough for home use.


Maybe the best thing to do is try the Marshall at the shop at the volume levels at which you will be practising alone.


If it is too loud at the point when it starts to sound good, you could think about an attenuator.


Or maybe go for a lower wattage amp and mike it when you play live if you need the extra volume.



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