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Callaham good!


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I took RichCI's advice and got a Callaham tremolo block and top plate for my Stratocaster.


Im telling you fellas it DOES make a difference. The guitars vibration in my hands is more noticable, and

the sustain as im playing has really improved. Even playing it unplugged there is an audible difference.

I dont know why Fender doesnt make one of these to call their own?


Its cold rolled stainless steel 10oz. It also comes with a tremolo arm that is state of the art. It wont wobble in the

thread like a Fender arm, and doesnt use that silly little black tension spring that most guys lose anyway.


If any of you guys want to punch up you Strats sustain and get a more reliable tremolo arm I suggest you order

one of these puppies....youll be glad you did.


Thanks for the heads up Rich!




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