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Well, Gibson updated there site with 2017 models. I was surprised at all the different "S" series guitars and number of available colors. I recently played a Firebird Zero. It was a pretty cool guitar. But I got a great price on a new 2016 Warn SG. But, it's refreshing to see "Made in the USA" attacking the Asian market on the lower end guitars. Seems like Gibson in the past was like "if you don't want to pay for a USA guitar, buy an Epiphone. Now, I know... these are bolt on necks, electronics, and finish may not be perfect, but from the little time I spent with the zero, there players. I liked that zero, had some of it's own mojo going on...But no, you can't really compare the "S" SG to a warn or standard SG. Pickups, electronics, finish, glued in neck... but, they don't seem that bad... it looks like they are using these as an in between, from epiphone to Gibson. I wish them luck, I usually only have 1 guitar at a time, and I'm happy with my SG so I won't be adding anything soon....

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