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Having been the 2nd owner of a 1994 GIBSON 'FIREBURST' NIGHTHAWK STANDARD ST3 since 2003, I have never researched the guitar. I did know that it has a Maple cap, and the rest of the guitar is Mahagony. The pickups are NSX single coil in the middle, Firebird Mini-Humbucker w/Soapbox cover in the Neck Position and an M series Humbucker in the bridge position. IDK IF the Bridge is a Stratocaster 'TYPE' bridge or an actual FENDER bridge. As IDK if GIBSON could use Fender's patented parts on its new guitar offerings,and when I replaced two of the saddles recently they were slightly smaller than the originals (that became frozen/unadjustable) so the bridge is a li'l larger or smaller in dimensions and is a hardtail.


After dragging this guitar on the road, and half way around the world, for 8 years the frets were so dented that it was unplayable. I put my Captain Save-an-Axe 'Luthier Cape' on and did a 22 fret RE-FRET on it and today the guitar howls like it did when I got it, set the neck up to GIBSON 'electric guitar' specs.The tone of this guitar is like no other I've ever played, while it is just slightly less heavy sounding than the new Les Paul's @ Guitar Center the NIGHTHAWK has more clarity, BY FAR, than any of the Les Paul's I plugged in next to it. The 4th position of the toggle switch that activates the NSX single coil in tandem with the M series Bridge Humbucker produces a searing lead tone that is as scorching as any Strat I've played and the #3 position that activates only the Mini-Humbucker neck pick-up is almost as HEAVY as the heaviest Les Paul's I've ever played. When checking the relief w/Notched Straightedge I have to use the Fender 'Long scale' side which must mean the neck is 25 1/4" Fender Scale. The tuning machines say 'Gibson Deluxe' on them and are the Kluson style (Grover Model# 135N) and are nothing out of the ordinary.


Why these guitars did not catch on is a mystery to me. I love mine and want to know if anyone out there knows HOW MUCH THESE NIGHTHAWK STANDARD ST3's went for new in 1994? I have conducted an on-line search and NO LUCK..Also is the bridge a Stratocaster 'TYPE' or an actual Fender bridge?Also is there a difference is neck specs when setting it up? I use GIBSON's specs, as that is the only type of guitar I own, and it works fine for me. I have had problems finding a case for this guitar as (it has been beaten to death at airports/nightclubs and even survived a flood is Asia) is out-of-production so GIBSON is no longer providing case's that will fit it properly and though it seems to be a Les Paul size guitar it is nowhere near as deep(or heavy @ 7.5 LBS.) so a Les Paul case is out of the question as the guitar will be floppin around inside as soon as the case is picked up.SO does anyone know a company that is making these case's or know of a used one for sale?

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Can't help with your specific questions W-B but can share huge respect for Gibson's offering of the Nighthawk....[thumbup]


IMO many folks get locked into the LP/Strat inevitability of things....


A rare S/C fitted in a Gibson....[thumbup]


Great playability and 'easy hanging' weight...


Beautifully crafted and good looking





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