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A few months ago I picked up a Dunlop volume pedal so I could back down volume on songs when appropriate. I run all my pedals through my affects loop (on either my 5:50 Mesa or 40W Fender Hot Rod III) and put my volume pedal at the end of the chain (leading to return). I find that I can put the amp volume up to where it would be at band volume levels and use the volume pedal to bring it all down to bedroom levels while retaining most (if not all) of sonic character of the amp and any pedals running through it. Of course, there is a point where low volumes are just not as pleasing sonically as loud is, there's no getting around that. But this prevents me from buying another small, crappy sounding amp that I know I would be unhappy with. I'm very happy with this benefit of my volume pedal.


I'd be interested to know if anyone is doing this or has considered it vs. the need for an additional small amp. What are your thoughts and experiences?

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