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  1. I commented early on in the original that in my opinion it was in bad judgement because there is traffic on this site that may not take the time to open the link or investigate further to realize it was an April fools joke. Consider that I work for a major US manufacturer. Negative news is never good. My point was meant to say why chance creating negative consumer feelings about a company that we respect? In addition, we have a new administration that is all about bringing manufacturing back to the US, which has lost so much ground to outsourcing and unfair trade agreements. I feel it was a
  2. Congrats Rabs on having a great show and even bigger than that, your first sale!!! I've been watching you progress from the start and am actually thinking about trying to build a guitar (or a few) from scratch now too. And I guarantee that if I do, and when things go wrong (and I know they will), I'll be cursing your name for inspiring me to do it . Way to go Rabs!
  3. Seems your interest in the Flying V has worn off but will provide some info and thoughts about what has been discussed anyway. Regarding original pricing, what model were you asking about? If the gloss version, I believe they sold for around $1200 bucks new in the early 2000's. The faded models were a bargain and sold in the $600 - $700 range. Plus, the early faded models dated from 2001 through around mid 2003 were built as a special run (along with similar SG's) that had Ebony fretboards with Crescent Moon inlays instead of rosewood with dots. These are highly sought after today.
  4. The battery is for the +15 dB Boost circuit that's turned on/off by a push-push pot at the neck PU tone pot position. You also get push-push pots in both volume pots which is for true coil splitting of the pickups. I have a 2013 Trad Pro II in Vintage sunburst and it is an exceptional guitar - just perfect in every way and I use all the features it offers. You need to know they made Trad Pros in 4 different versions now, with some minor differences in controls and pickups, and also some have 50's necks and others with 60's necks depending on color for that year. Here's one of many d
  5. Excellent & fun song to play, Dave! Stuff I've been working on lately: - Waiting for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago - ZZ Top - Highway Star - Deep Purple - Lunatic Fringe - Red Ryder One of the guys in my band has gone synth crazy so the last two should be fun when the band gets together to play them.
  6. Don't poke anyone's eyes out with those things!
  7. That looks good, Searcy - I like it! That Wonderbar bridge looks heavy! Do they work good?
  8. I hope I don't offend anyone here, but those "things" look like something you might see little Thing 1 and Thing 2 using as part of a Dr. Seuss story. Did we really need a brand that copied the best designs of Gibson and the worst designs of BC Rich all in one? I think not! Again, no offence to BC Rich as I do like some of their designs. I thought Zakk did a great job when he played in Ozzy's band. From an interview Ozzy did, he let Zakk go when his playing was getting darker and it was creeping into his Ozzy shows. A friend of mine had an extra ticket (general admission - standi
  9. Outstanding! Great stuff!
  10. Hey BryDraws, Your description fits the 2013/14 Traditional Pro 2 models that were built as a special GC and MF model. The have body and neck binding, classic and super 57 pickups, true coil split and 15 dB boost via push-push pots, and also have locking tuners which are real nice. The only thing missing on your list is the weight relief. They came in several colors including wine red, vintage sunburst, black and others (don't remember honeyburst though) and also in 50s and 60's profile necks. On top of that, most have a modest flame top on them. I just searched the GC website f
  11. Hey Adam, Not sure where in Michigan you are, but if in the Detroit area, I would highly recommend either Motor City Guitar in Waterford or Huber and Breese on the east side. I know and like most of the staff at the local GC's, but not the guys they have sitting behind their repair counters since I do my own adjustments and work. I wouldn't go back to someone that may not have missed a tight nut slot and suggested heavier strings to fix it. The other two shops are top rate.
  12. Welcome here Adamc. Don't give up too fast or easy. Some of the things that haven't been discussed yet are temperature and humidity changes. I'd suggest giving at least a week or two for the guitar to stabilize after bringing it into a new environment. I find that the tuning stability of my Gibsons can be as good as my Fenders, but find the mahogany to be less tolerant to shifts in temperature and humidity than maple. I live in Michigan which means high temps and humidity in the summer, and lower temps and humidity in the winter. While my AC system helps stabilize the temps and hum
  13. Yep! About 5 years ago I tried selling some of my vinyl. It proved too time consuming (inspecting them, listening to them to rate them, and then document and post them) so I only ended up selling a few. This year at x-mas one of my sons received a turntable so I came home one day and he was pulling out stuff he wants to listen to. Glad it worked out this way now.
  14. You sound great to me, Badblues! Guitar, voice, the whole thing. Glad you're back in the saddle and hope the positive things keep happening for you!
  15. Thanks FZ. Love the Blues Jr. You picked up the Surf Green one if I remember right? If you do pull out the volume pedal, you might want to try it with your Deville. I posted this because I don't remember anyone ever mentioning it and I find it's a great way to go if you want to get good tone from a high powered amp when you need to quiet it down. Looking for other tips too.
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