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Anyone use the K&K Trinity Dual Source pickup?


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Been debating which pickup to put into my AJ. Mostly used for open mic stuff, acoustic duo and once in a while with a band. Not a fan of UST's and magnetic sound hole pickups. Have used the LR Baggs Lyric in a few guitars in the past (and currently have it on a Martin 000-15M), and I can always get it to sound great, but it's versatility is a little bit limited because it's going to feedback in a band situation. Considered the Trance Amulet, but it's an expensive pickup system, and there's a lot of "stuff" that gets glued and lives inside the guitar. This is why Iv'e considered the K&K Trinity. Dual source means I could just use the SBT portion of it when things get loud, but also have the option of running dual source for solo stuff/open mics, etc., to get a better sound. Sure, the K&K SBT portion of the Trinity system isn't going to sound as good as the Trance Amulet, but no way I can justify buying one for several guitars, and the K&K is much more affordable because I'd be buying it without the preamp (already have a really nice Radial PZ-Pre that accepts two inputs/sources).


Anyone out there have any real-world experience with the K&K Trinity (not just the Pure Western Mini portion, but the dual source version pictured below?)




Here's the preamp/DI I have:



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