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Mic Preamp for Live Performance......

Buc McMaster

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Figure this is as good a place as any for this inquiry, I reckon, among the signal chain folks..........


I use as a live rig an Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina mic plugged into a Schertler David Deluxe, the microphone positioned to capture both guitar and vocal. The combo amp has EQ in spades and great clarity and I am certainly pleased with the natural, present sound this set up has, but being that this is a single mic rig, I'm wondering what a tube mic preamp like the UA Solo/610 might add to a live sound. I understand the warmth that tubes can add, but does a unit like this have dramatic sonic impact or just a "gee-that's-nice" result? :-k


Any of you studio mic-types have any thoughts on this?

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