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ES335 ID

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I think it's pretty safe to say you have a 1970 335, as your guitar has a crossover traits from both sides of that transition year. The way I come to this conclusion is by doing the math to come up with the least common denominator.


The serial number comes up 70-72.

"Made In USA" stamp was initiated sometime in 1970.

The headstock "volute" was also started in 1970.

The oval orange label was discontinued in 1970 and changed to the rectangular white/purple label.


The combination of the "old" label with the "new" headstock traits lead squarely to the transition year of 1970. You can add one more piece of evidence to the equation if you can get a potentiometer mfg/date code off one of the pots. A flashlight and dental type inspection mirror will aid in this search. You're looking for the seven-digit number starting with "137" that will be on the back of the pot cans, although many times this number get covered, or partially covered, by ground wire solder.


The pot code is deciphered as follows": MFGyyWW


MFG - the manufacturer code, 137 = CTS Corp.

yy - the last two digits of the year of manufacture.

WW - the week of that year (01-52) the pots were made.

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