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“Tico Tico” Live with Yamaha MPD5 Midi file player


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Hi all,


Hope you are in good health and spirit.

It's been a while since I have last posted here, and I noticed that all my previous postings are missing.

I guess it's because I didn't login for a long time.


Here are my settings:


Guitar ---- from the Yamaha MagicStomp, directly to the Yamaha MDP5 Midi Player "Mic in".The "Mic in" has its own volume.


The "Output of the MDP5 is split in 2:

- One going directly to the "Mic in" of the video camera

- One going to my headphone This way I can hear and play live (and still have misses though ...).


I think it sounds better than the capture through the built-in mics of the camera.


Also, you probably noticed that the MDP5 has a pretty good sound for a Midi player.




Hope you like it.


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