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2017 Tribute T - Available

Black Dog

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So I wanted to get rid of some stuff I wasn't using so off to Guitar Center I went. I sold them my 2017 Tribute T faded honey burst.


If anyone is looking for a near new condition Tribute T this is a good one. I bought it new 7 months ago. I played it a fair amount but it never left my house. It really is near mint (the only flaw is a tiny "ding" on the top that is about 1mm or less wide and 0.5mm deep, you have to look real hard to find it). Plays great. I just had more guitars than I need right now. I gave it to them with the gig bag and all the stuff that came with it including the bench photo.


They tell me they have to keep them off the floor for a week to make sure it doesn't come up reported as stolen or some such thing. The manager said they would probably put it on the floor for $650, but who knows.


Anyway, it's at the GC in Eugene, OR for anyone who is interested. Hope she finds a good home...

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