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Need Info on a 50's hollowbody...

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I am posting you a photo of my father in law's Gibson hollow body guitar in the hopes of getting some information on it. He purchased new in February 1958. The serial number is inside the body but is very faded, only the first letter of E can be seen. Everything on the guitar is original except for the tuners and the frets. Sometime between 1966-1967 it was sent to Gibson for a refret. We were hoping for an estimation of value for insurance purposes and not to sell (He would like it to be passed down through the family). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

post-83307-033347900 1495481615_thumb.jpg

post-83307-081232200 1495481776_thumb.jpg

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What you have there is a Gibson ES-330T. (a variant of the 330 model, which also included the more common and more popular ES-330TD, with two pickups).


The full model name in this case would actually be ES-330TC, with the "C" indicating a cherry finish.


The 330T model was introduced in 1959, in two finishes. The 330T had a sunburst finish; and the 330TN had a natural (blonde) finish.


The 330TC in the cherry red finish was not produced until 1960, when it replaced the 330TN in the model line.


If you can, shine a light inside the guitar and look for a ("factory order") number, which was stamped in black ink somewhere under the treble side f-hole. The number will either begin with a letter "R" (for 1960) or "Q" (for 1961).


Your guitar is probably either a 1960 or 1961 model, based on the dot fingerboard inlays. It could date to very early 1962 also.


As for the value, I would check completed ebay listings. You can also look at asking prices on gbase.com and reverb.com. I would estimate that it's worth right around $3000.


Very nice guitar!

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