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How old is my SG? 1970,1,2 or 1974,5? Need help

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I have a Gibson SG Deluxe with Bigsby and the serial number 619xxx.

The GibsonSERIALNUMBERS.pdf shows:

Year(s) Approximate Series Manufacture

1970, 1971, and 1972 100000s, 600000s, 700000s, 900000s

1973 000001s, 100000s, 200000s, 800000s and a few “A” + 6 digit numbers

1974 and 1975 100000s, 200000s, 300000s, 400000s,500000s, 600000s, 800000s

so it could be built 1970,1971,1972, 1974, or 1975.

But in which year was it built?

Could anyone help me?

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


Pics might help.

The design of the SG changed from the "Type 2" ('Batwing 'guard') to the "Type 3" (LP-shape p'g and controls on a semi-circular escutheon) between '70 and '71 and from the "Type 3" to the "Type 4" (Small 'guard) between '72 / '73.


In general, as you have discovered, from a serial number it's impossible to tell with certainty the year of manufacture of the stuff made in the early '70s as serial numbers were sometimes duplicated and were not always given to instruments in numerical order.


The best way to find out is to look at the code-numbers on the vol/tone potentiometers - assuming they are the original units. Pot codes are clearly dated and would give an approximate manufacturing date; say a few months after the date on the pots.


Here's how;





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...Regarding your hint of the shapes of the Pickguard it should be 1971 or 1972. Am I right?...

Hi again Mario.

Shame about the pots but yes, you are right and according to the serial# info provided in Ian C. Bishop's book along with your picture it's a fairly safe bet your guitar dates from 1971.



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