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Hello. I read some place that the new Deckadance upgrade has a “pitch” or tuning mechanism of some sort? Here's what I need:


I run a rather unique show. I have played Bass Guitar professionally for 45 years. I am an in demand bass player and a passable guitar player. Often, I strap on an instrument, step out front and I jam along with whatever tune I'm DJing. This has turned out to be remarkably popular.


My issue is tuning. IF I pre-plan carefully, I KNOW exactly what songs I will accompany. To “tune” the music to a standard pitch, I am currently massaging each selection with Sound Forge to get them all in tune with each other. This is a major pain and does not allow me to easily take requests as I may NOT be properly in tune with the request.


IS there something Deckadance 2.73 can do to help me with this? Ideally I could pull up a tune and it would somehow auto-tune before playing? In this way, requests become simple matters. A software switch to allow auto-tune would be 100% welcome to see in an update OR perhaps the software can already do what I need?



DJ Sundog


I am a retired Network Engineer. Years ago, I used to run the very hip "Major Music Show". I am getting back into it and am having a great time doing so. I have gotten into Video production, have ditched my entire older 16) 250 Watt Quartz bulb lighting setup & Dry Ice foggers with DMX and LEDs, have added plug-ins where I used to tote hardware - today's show is MUCH better than before when I used Otari reel to reels. More everything, less weight! My show is on 3 computers. I carry my own WI/FI and use phones to remotely control things. I just wanted to mention this stuff as DJing was too cool. Now it's beyond that. Enjoy doing your shows as you deserve to.

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