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Questions about 70's ft 350, 550, and 570


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Okay, so, first off, new here, and hi all!


So, I have my pap-pap's 70's 570-bl. I'm a little confused about how to roughly judge its year: it has the blue Kalamazoo/Japan tag, which from what I've read should make it an earlier model, but, it has the "dove-tail" neck heel and not the rounded one, which from what I've read would make it a later model? Is that right? I know that with these guitars it's basically impossible to pinpoint an exact year, but I'd like to have an idea whether it's an earlier or later model.


My next question concerns the necks. I love the neck on my grandfathers 570. Are the necks on the 350's and 550's the same as what would be on that 570?


I realize these aren't great guitars, and I know they're not worth much, but I'm just curious. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Welcome to the forum! I am not sure too much I'd known about those early imported Epiphone models. A lot of the early imports were not very well documented and changed year by year until the Norlin era ended and the Henry J era began in the early-mid 80s when Henry bought Gibson and Epiphone and rebooted the companies.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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