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Matsumoku Riviera - info needed


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I've been considering buying an electric guitar. My only guitar at the moment is an Elitist McCartney Texan made in Japan about a decade ago. I've been trying to find info on the Matsumoku Rivieras of the '80s. Anybody ever play one of these? How did you like it? What's the neck like? What's a reasonable price range for one of these in good condition?

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Hi - welcome to the forum.


The early 80's Matsumoku made Epiphones are wonderful instruments. Fortunate to have a few including a Riviera and some Sheratons.


Both excellent in terms of feel, playability and build quality. The Riviera has a slightly thicker neck profile than the Sheraton (in my opinion).


If you get the opportunity to buy one, then go for it. I don't think you will be disappointed.


They command a bit of a premium (at least in the UK) partly due to the fact that they were used by Noel Gallagher and Paul Arthurs of Oasis throughout the 90's.


The problem you will have is finding one in good condition which is not overpriced. They don't come up for sale too often and are pretty expensive now.

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