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Hi, i`m Kevin from Birmingham UK. My one ambition is to own a left handed Gibson acoustic - much easier said than done! Although i would not class myself as a " guitar player ", i can certainly belt through a song. I have owned many guitars - my present baby is a 2003 left handed limited edition Takamine "soaring eagle" electro acoustic ( which is the best guitar i have ever heard or owned!), but i would seriously love to own a Gibson acoustic. I fully appreciate the scarcity and value of this very limited left handed guitar, i have spotted one which i am seriously interested in buying - but i have my doubts about it`s originality, i would certainly appreciate any help i could get from you guys!. The guitar is a 2000 Gibson sj200 on sale with ebay uk - buy it now price £1750. The item number is 272816523632 - . I have my doubts about the scratch-plate alignment, plus the tuners have no make or markings on them, i would really value any member`s opinion regarding this guitar before i may step in and make a fool of myself, many thanks - Kevin

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Hi Kevin,


Precious few pics on that listing, especially none of the back and sides of the guitar make it difficult to assess, but it looks genuine.

The serial number indicates a 2002 model, the machine heads/tuners not having a brand or marking on them is normal.


Scratchplate alignment notwithstanding, the price seems OK if all is intact, lefty SJ200 guitars are rare especially in Europe - I would definitely give it a look and a listen in person.

The seller is only 100 miles from you.


As an afterthought, I would suggest bringing your present guitar with you so that you can make a valid comparison in terms of feel, volume and tone, and make your decision based on that.


I owned a 1990 J200 a few years back which was a very fine guitar.

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