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Pup config on 1970s Inspired Custom Pro


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I have a 2014 Limited Edition 1970s Inspired Les Paul Custom "Blackback" Pro. All pics, descriptions, and specs show this guitar with TWO 'windowed' ProBuckers - PB2 in neck n PB3 in bridge. Mine has a chrome covered PB3 in the bridge n no sign of replacement at solder points or around housing. Does anyone have any idea why, or who might know why?




Well, it appears my pic(s) are too big to upload here.

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It sounds like someone did a very professional grade pickup swap on your guitar.

Every stock blackback model I've seen has had the open top gold pickups. You could send your serial number to Epiphone to be sure.

What does it say on the back of the covered pickup? Does it look like the other one from the back? Maybe someone just added the cover.

More importantly, how do you like the guitar?

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