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Difference between 57's and 490's pups


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I am looking for personal options describing the difference between 57's and 490's. I like to play rythm for 70's and 80's country rock, Eagles etc. I want a mellow tone with good bass. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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The '57 Classic is supposed to be the same specs as the original PAF. Uses Alnico II magnets.7.5k ohm. (Neck)

The '57 Classic Plus has some extra windings, so it's a LITTLE higher output. Alnico II and 8.3k ohm. (Bridge)

Both of the '57's have 2 conductor wiring, so no extra options like in/out of phase or series parallel.


The 490T is an Alnico II, says more upper mid-range, major difference to the '57 is wax potting and

4 conductor wiring. I would think tone-wise that they are very close sounding.

They all should be warm sounding pickups.

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