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Attenuator on DSL40c?


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Hope this question is in the right place. I have a DSL40c. Yes, it's quite a big amp for someone who only plays at home these days, but I bought it for it's features. Some people are telling me it needs an attenuator to drive the tubes properly, but I'm on the fence about this. Firstly, I have it on the 20W setting. Next, my thoughts are these:


1. Supposedly the DSL40 and DSL100 have an improved pre-amp layout that gets those tubes driving at a lower level.


2. This is a 2 channel amp and each channel has it's own gain and volume. So it seems to me you can raise the gain and lower the volume, or vice versa.


3. It can sound a bit better when it's cranking hard but it isn't such a greater improvement that I feel it justifies spending another $500 or so for a Rockcrusher or similar attenuator.


I admit I was looking at the Jet City Jennuator over at MF the past couple of days because it's only $150 right now with the sale. And it seems to be pretty well received by those who own it. Or I could go for the Rockcrusher over at SW because it can be financed super cheaply with no interest.


So what do other owners of this amp think?

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