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The Faded DC/Special Mystery

Mr. Robot

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This is interesting.


In Australia the Les Paul Double Faded Cutaway has been selling for sometime here with nothing on the Truss Rod cover. The headstock has the LP and Gibson logos.


This model has recently disappeared from the Gibson website (no explanation) but still appears on Australian dealers order lists. The dealers here have no idea what is going on.


Meanwhile, the 1958 and 1960 Custom reissues of the Special and Junior double cutaways are prominent on the gibson site, at quadruple the price of the Faded DC.


In the last few months, the Faded DC has continued to enter the country here, despite the absence on the Gibson website,but remakably the title "Special" has suddenly began to appear on the Truss Rod Cover.


And still....the dealers here say that the have no idea WTF is going on.


I have asked the question twice on this website. Both times a Gibson employee has undertaken to find out and get back to me, but NOONE EVER HAS.


It would be really nice if someone from Gibson could explain to a loyal Gibson customer, what is going on here. Are you going to discontinue this model, in which case tell us now so i can buy one before it disappears, or are you going to relaunch this as a gibson LP Special.

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