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a sad lost for the great rock singer Johnny Hallyday (74y old)

the real big star, the best singer and the only one in France who reached all the highest levels in concert, with the fans, with the songs, with the cd-lp, with the imagination for the concerts

to always be there through the years

the attitude, the recognition to the public, the fans

the emotions in the way he sang, the rock attitude every time and so nice and shy in real life

the immortal

he sent so much strength in the way he sang it was so powerful and always with great guitarists


he had many guitars and he liked very much the guitar heroes

nobody will reach this : almost 1000 songs even if Charles Aznavour is older than him

he was the boss who played with all the great musicians ever (except Satriani and the shredders)


From his beginning in 1960, look at all the great guitarists he played with

i remember some persons

- he had Jimi Hendrix in the first part of his concert

- He played with Mick Jones and Tommy Brown (the drummer) and after that Mick created Foreigner in 1976 if i remember


- Look at a video in TARATATA best musical show ever made ? ! (100% live)

he made a cover with Lou Gramm and Mick: "hey joe" with Robin Le Mesurier and the others


he played in Las Vegas too

-He also played with Jimmy Page for one old song or more 'à tout casser"


- he played with Sambora, Frampton, Chris Rea for a cd, Luther Allison in concert and many years from 1994 to 2017

-with Robin Le Mesurier who played with Rod Stewart too in the 80's before

-with Brian Setzer many times

-with Tony Joe white, Emmylou Harris, The Stray cats, Carl Perkins in 1984 in a wonderful record session

-Brian Ray (Paul's guitarist)

-Phil Palmer (who played with CLapton, Knopfler and many more) , dean Parks, Tim Pierce


- With all the great guitarists here: Paul Personne (the Lp lover ! so blues) Norbert Krief, Thibault Abrial, Jean-Jacques Goldman,

Yarol Poupaud, Louis Bertignac (guitar hero here)and other less famous but very good like in 1979 one guy with his SG who played some very good rock guitar solo (live at pavillon de PAris for example)


I don't forget

On the bass: Phil Soussan, Reggie Hamilton

you might not know PAganotti, Jannick Top (MAGMA), C.Padovan


On the drums : Richard Hayward, Manu Katché, ian Wallace, Abraham Laboriel Junior (who plays with Paul MAcCartney)

Walfredo Reyes Jf on the drums from Santana's band

Carlos Vega and Steve Ferrone (great drummer who played with Clapton and many more like Cyndi Lauper)

and some french drummers you may don't know like CHristophe Deschamps and his son too.


On the keyboards: Chuck Leavel, Bill Payne, Timothy J. Moore


He also played with Amy Keys and the horns of the Phil Collins' band Like Harry Kim


He sang many songs like Johnny be good, thirty days, whole lotta shaking goin' on

tutti frutti : all were his idols

the rock hits in the 50's but his rock sound changed with the years

from the yé yé to hippie to rock-hard rock to the blues music, soul music, ballads

he gave all what he had to give on stage: look some videos in youtube , it's very powerful !

he idol was ELvis (he was the french Elvis like the NY times said)


A strong man, an amazing voice and presence :rolleyes: with millions of fans through the years

a nice man

a legend with all the excess : a star now


Look at this old video : a duet

and Paul Personne had a great sound that i would like to have one day with a LP

a standard ? !! or just something more expensive

a traditional lp ?

the sound is so warm

the guitar solo was improvisation



an incredible tribute today !! at the Concorde-Champs-élysées

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