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Pickup swap dilemma


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Hi friends, I'm at a lost at the moment. I converted my SG to be my designated metal guitar with a drop tuning because I wasn't playing as much as my others, so I decided to get the 496R/500T set as I remembered they were very powerful back on the old Les Paul Classics. Got a set and put covers on them and then tried to connect them. Started with the 496 in the neck position. No signal. I pulled it out and checked with the multimeter and it read 0. I thought okay maybe faulty pickup? I got the 500T and checked it and it read 15k ohms. Good, it's working. I put the cover on it and checked it again. Read the same, so good news. Mounted it on the ring and threaded it through the guitar body and read it again. Same thing, so good so far. Then I connected it (hot lead to the left lug of the bridge vol pot, the metal braiding grounded to the back of the neck vol pot as it was done with my old pickups) and no signal. So I pulled it and read it with the multimeter and now the 500T is reading 0 as well!! You can imagine my frustration. What on earth could have happened in between threading it through the body and then soldering it on to the pots? I know it's difficult to diagnose if it's not in front of you, but from description, can any of you draw from experience to what may have happened? Now I have two pickups reading 0. Very frustrating. Thank you for your help in advance.

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