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Out of phase pickups

Jon B

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Hey Everybody,

I am new to the forum and I look forward to your feedback. I bought a 2017 Gibson SG Standard last September I love it but it has a loud hum unless you touch something metal then it goes away. It also crackled when you ran your hand over the back panel. Thought there was a grounding issue. I took it to a tech ( he builds amps so I assumed he knew about wires, electricty, etc.) He put in new pots and orange drop caps and lined the back panel with foil paper and said it was as quiet as a church. I played it at his shop and it was fine but at low volume. Took it home and cranked my amp and the same thing is still happening. Tryed different outlets and a different house. My main concern now is I think the pickups are out of phase. In the middle position it sounds very thin and not very loud unless I turn the volume knob of either pickup down slightly then it comes back up to volume and if I turn the bridge pickup down even more the middle position sounds just like the neck pickup. There is no distinction I went back and forth between the two positions but could hear no difference. I read other forums and some said this is common in 50s style wiring (the "tech" said my guitar is now wired like a 59) and others said definitely out of phase. Other than this issue the guitar sounds great. So my question is are they out of phase and how can I put an end to the hum? Does the guy who "fixed" my guitar know what he is talking about or not? I have decided to do my own work from now on either way. Thank you everyone for your input.

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