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Epi Goth Flat Black Repair


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Hello everyone,


first time here -


I had damage to the neck of my Epiphone Goth Les Paul. I've filled and sanded a deep scratch.


I am looking for a flat black paint to match the rest of the guitar - I am hoping to just repaint the neck and feather it in as best as possible.


thanks in advance

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Hi, you might have some trouble matching black, particularly a satin finish. Have you filled with wood filler, which will take a stain? If so, I'd try a black stain on the filler and finish with a satin varnish. Practice first; get some filler on a piece of scrap wood and try different strengths of stain mixed with alcohol. And, you can get acrylic stains from paint stores which will mix with varnish, if it looks like the varnish is going to need some colour. Again, practice on scrap first.


Tape off the area with masking tape, sand with 600 grit wet & dry, then 1000, 1500, then 0000 steel wool. The best repairs where you have a good colour match to the base colour and the guitar has clear varnish can come out really well using this method. You are going to have a harder job matching everything with the black satin finish though. Good luck, and post pics.

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