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Removing an old and installing a new clear pickguard.


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This may be of use to Gibson folk as well. If you have an acrylic pickguard or a guard that has been attached to bare wood and has finish over it, do NOT use this technique. This is for removing self-stick guards. The installation of the new pickguard uses a technique I borrowed from Frank Ford.


Frank Ford - Installing a Clear Pickguard


When I bought my new Martin 000-28vs, I was concerned about having no pickguard and the damage I might do to the finish through strumming or just with my pinkie resting on the top while I fingerstyle. So I slapped a cheap, half-tone printed, tortoise guard on it until I could find another solution. All of the really good pickguards are insanely expensive. I'll pay $75 for a capo but not a pickguard. So I decided to install a clear pickguard and keep the classic look of the 000-28vs.


I made a YouTube video of the process.



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