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Prophecy Les Paul GX Electronics

Viktorija Arsic

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Hi folks,


I've been doing research into the Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus GX because I'm hoping to have this gorgeous guitar by the end of this year. Although I can't actually play it myself before buying, from what I have read, seen, and heard online, the Prophecy is absolutely perfect for my purposes.


I just want to discuss any potential electronics concerns with people who actually own a Prophecy GX themselves. It's equipped with a pair of Gibson USA 490R/498T pickups (which I have no intention of modding); these are also the pickups on the Les Paul Custom Classic PRO. I was watching

for the Custom Classic, and several issues were mentioned (around the 9:40 mark):


  • The cover for the electronic cavity, and the electronic cavity itself is not shielded from the inside
  • Pickups are connected only via some kind of rectangular clips, which appear to be plastic
  • Tone pots don't have any notable capacitors
  • Soldering on the tone pots is fine

With all that being said, the guitar still sounded fantastic. So I'm wondering, have any Prophecy GX players ever had similar findings or issues with their electronics? Have you taken the guitar's guts out and been appalled or impressed? And would anyone be willing to post photos of the Prophecy GX electronics cavity?


I would appreciate hearing and learning from people's experiences, so please share if you can!

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Hey there,


Thank you so much for taking the time to post a photo!


That does indeed answer my questions. I'm not really an expert on electronics either, but from what I can tell, it looks good on the inside.


I hope you're enjoying your Prophecy!



Taken a photo of the cavity of my 2015 Prophecy LP GX.


Trust this helps to answer your questions.


Sorry but I'm not at all an expert on the electronics....


Hope the link will work as well

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