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Need Help Identifying Epi Strat


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Hello everyone! I'm a car guy who also plays guitar and likes to fix up old junk guitars. I play almost exclusively Epiphone and Ibanez products, because I feel like both are great values and plentiful on the 2nd hand market.


A friend of mine was doing some work at a business and the owner was throwing out an old guitar. Because I fix up old guitars and like having spare parts around, he asked if he could take it instead and the man obliged. So now, I'm the proud(?) owner of an "Epi" strat copy. Originally I was going to use it for parts but something about it kind of spoke to me, so I tried very hard to figure out what it could be. Some of the search results lead to me to this forum, and I found your community. I'm really hoping I can get some help identifying this thing. I can't find any quite like it. I'm really digging the off-white color of the body and the hockey-stick headstock is one of my favorites. The thing that is throwing me is the two pickup setup. I've found them similar but never with all of the same things mine has.


My only clues are the backing plate code (C4120528) and a "Made in Korea" sticker on the back of the headstock.


Anyone who could shed light on the situation would be much appreciated, thanks!



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