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IB-64 Texan 09 vs 2015.

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I bought one of the first IB-64 Texans back in 2009, which I passed down to my eldest son about three years later. In the meantime I've had a 62 original Texan and a 2004 McCartney Elitist version. Two weeks ago I picked up a second hand 2015 IB-Texan for £140, in excellent condition. I made a couple of mods to it, I got rid of the black stain on the Rosewood bridge, changed out the ill fitting plastic pins for Rosewood ones, and changed the chipped bone nut for a Corian one.This is a very nice sounding Texan type guitar. My son came home from Uni with his 09 yesterday, and that gave me the chance to do a thorough comparison, result being, they are two completely different guitars! The 2015 model is smaller all around, by about an 8th of an inch. The 09 has tall but crude scalloped top bracing,whereas the 2015 has tall unscallpoed but shaved top braces. The 2015 looks better built to me, and has more of the long scale Texan sound. Both are great to play, and my son loves the 09.



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