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2012 J45 ADJ vs 1996 D18 sound comparison


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Hey all, I was messing around today and decided to record a clip to hear the differences between my two acoustics and figured I'd get some input/opinions/criticism on the sound. They both are spruce/mahogany construction but obviously there are differences. Perhaps the biggest are the saddles. The 45 has the DREADED adjustable saddle. I personally love it and it was one of the main reasons I bought this model. The saddle on the 18 is the standard Martin. Not sure of the material used however. Doesn't seem like bone to me, which the 45 has. String wise, both have string sets changed on the same day. The 45 has Bronze (not phosphor) 12's and the 18 has Martin Retro Monel 12's. I used to use those on all my acoustics but they didn't seem to work on the 45. Well here are some clips playing the same little tune. Please let me know what you think and differences you can hear.




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