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Looking for particular guitar sounds


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I was in the market for a parlor/parlour guitar after learning about them this year by way of this Parlor/Electric Hybrid out of Springfield, Oregon, USA.

But then I heard one on YouTube plugged in and, it wasn't for me, but I still wanted a parlour guitar.

I quickly began listening to them before settling on a sound I wanted.

Turned out it was a 1940's Harmony Stella H929 WITHOUT the steel reinforced necks.

This was also after homing my ears down to the make of guitar I wanted before settling on a model.

I had never heard of Harmony before then.


I bought it, on Reverb.com from a guitar store in NYC, had it shipped, paid import duties, waited a week, it came fast.

a 1951 Stella by Harmony H929


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I mean, all things considered, it's a cool sounding guitar.


They're cheap, and mass produced, but have a very nice sound.


Elvis had one like mine (I found that out after I bought mine).




I wanted a rarer one that was yellow/same guitar, rarer finish, I didn't want it because it was rarer, I only wanted it becaus the H929 with the same 1940's spec' that I heard and sold me the make and model guitar, was yellow, so naturally when shopping for that guitar, that's what I wanted... Turns out me and Elvis both have/had that much more common Tiger top.

But had I have found a yellow one for sale, you could bet I'd have bought that instead; however, researching my guitar, it was cool to find that Elvis link.

I just wanted a parlour guitar and this make/model sounded the coolest.


As an added bonus, it's built to last, can take a knock or two and was built with camping and camp fires out in the woods in mind.

I've got two Stella by Harmony guitars (bought the same time) (a 1969 12 String) and this parlor/parlour guitar. My nice pristine Stella Harmony 12 string fell over and hit a multi effect pedal head on as I was playing my Gibson R7 the other week... I picked it up wondering how much the damage would cost and even asked the guitar if it was okay... Much was the fall it took; That guitar was fine and I was reminded of the build quality on these Harmony Stella Guitars which is great for the price; not a scratch or a dent or nothing, I was impressed.

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