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Am I deciphering this correctly?


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There is a Gibson L-00 (or maybe an L-0) with the FON DG-5108. According to this table it should be a '38, correct?



Gibson Factory Order Numbers (FON) with a letter from 1935 to 1941.


"FON consists a batch number of usually four digits, followed by a one letter (sometimes prefixed by a space) followed by one or two digits (ranking).

• 1935-1937: Letter between the batch number

and the order number. e.g. 0123 A5

• 1938-1941: Two or three letters before batch

number. The first letter is the year.

If there is a second character follows it

is the code for the type of the instrument.

(G = Gibson, K = Kalamazoo, W = Recording King

(Montgomery Wards).

If follows there is a third letter E, it

stands for Electric.

• Exceptions: Some high-end models and lap

steels from 1939-1940 have been added the

letter A, to the prefixes D, E or F.



A 1935

B 1936

C 1937

D en DA 1938

Ex (x = any letter) 1939

F en FA 1940

E (no sequel letter) 1941

G 1941

H 1942"

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