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Hi there I am in need of a bit of help with the electronics.

It is a Chet Atkins SST Studio 2003, with tone and volume knob.

I am getting hum on my Marshall AS50D. I have checked the amp with other of my acoustic Martins and no hum.


I have replaced the battery, that made it a bit better.

If I touch the strings it seems to get louder, why I don't know as it is under saddle pickup.

If I touch the jack socket that lessens the noise.

I have read somewhere about changing the unit to passive, getting rid of the pre amp etc, to cut out noise, any ideas on that solution?

Would anyone know where I gan get a wiring diagram?


Any help gratefully received.

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I'm not sure if the SST Studio is the same model that I have because I bought mine used from a pawn shop for £50.00 and there's nothing on it to identify the exact model. Mine is a 2003, has the Chet Atkins signature on it and the volume/tone knobs on the top shoulder so it could be the same.

Hum is almost always an earthing issue. Take the plate off of the back and check the connections are tight and there are no broken cables. The mini jack socket on the pre amp board is for the pickup lead and the output cable is hard wired to the PCB. Also, take the output jack socket plate off and check that the socket connections are secure, clean and making good contact with the jack plug. There's a possibility that it could be a faulty pot. They are cheap and not difficult to replace if you're handy with a soldering iron. It's pretty obvious how to do it by just looking at it with the old pot in place. I doubt there's a wiring diagram for the pre amp. Unless you have the equipment to test the components and the skill to replace them it wouldn't be much use anyway.

I have mine running passive and it wasn't that hard to do. I didn't bother wiring in the tone and volume controls so it was just a matter of wiring the pickup to the output jack. Frankly, the pre amp Epiphone fitted must have been the cheapest load of Chinese junk they could find. I think it sounds better, or at worst no different, without it but that's just my opinion.

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