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i found this video on you tube that shows a 2008 gibson es330


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FWIW - a minor point, however the Cherry Red guitar in that video is not a 1967 ES-330


This is the typical spec for a 1967 ES-330





I owned one - it joined the body at the 16th fret


The one in the video looks more like a 1970 ES-330, when Gibson changed the neck to join at the 19th fret - like this one:



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anyone knows why there is no recollection for the 2008 es330 on gibson.com?


no specs no pics no nothing



i can't even find one on ebay


They are only being offered as a limited run through Musicians Friend. Got one about a month ago and have been loving it ever since.


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I agree, that is not a 67' ES 330, I have one, and the neck does join the body at the 16th fret! I believe the reason the ES 330 in the video sounded thin, he is running it thru some type of effects pedal.


On the pic of the 67' ES 330 posted by Elantric, I noticed two things that were different from mine. One it has an orange label inside the top "F" hole, mine does not, it has a stamp ES 330 TDC, also, the volume/tone knobs on mine are the top hat type. The knobs the earlier model ES 330 are the same as the 70' model, and same I have on my 75' ES 345, I think they call them witch hat knobs.


I know mine is a 67, (or earlier) my Dad purchased it new in Sept. of 67, and I still have it, plays great, except alittle noisy, but I love it, S/N 053811

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however one might wonder why there is no recollection for such a model on this website?




here's the video by the way


I asked Gibson info people the same question. Answer was that the reissue ES-330L is a special order for certain only stores only - like Musicians Friend. Since it's not generally available, Gibson doesn't put in their site. Same deal for the Epiphone Riviera P-93 on the Epi site.


Also, that long necked 330 in the video could be a late '67. Gibson offered the longer neck 330 along with the standard neck version starting in '68, not '70 - so a late '67 could have had the long neck. The long neck became te only version offered around 1970.

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The ES-330 was a cheaper model, intended to be a "student model". However one of the greatest guitarists in jazz used one, and she happened to be a woman, Emily Remler. Hers was retrofitted with humbuckers, probably '57 PAF's. The key to this guitar is that it has a total hollow body, not a semi-hollow design like the 335, 336, 345, 347, 355, etc. The idea was to get Gibson quality for cheap and switch the P-90's out. She liked it because it was smaller and did not restrict the movement of her hand. She was a phenom, but as usual, drugs got her before she could spread her talent. She did make some teaching videos, which are still available.


Watch her play this modded Gibson:



She still has a website that is lovingly kept up by her supporters and family:



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